The Scuba School
PO Box 634
Morrilton, AR 72110
p: 877-2-SCUBA-1


Learning to dive is easy!

Taking scuba lessons gives you the knowledge and the opportunity to practice so you can be safe while exploring the underwater world!

We know you are busy with those scurvy dogs in corporate America makin money workin for the man!

So we will teach you what you need to know in ONE (1) weekend! (yeah we are that good).

Actually we send you a book and dvd when you sign up. You do your own study, call one of us for any questions you may have, and then we all get together for class.

During that weekend we will make sure you understand the dive theory stuff, learn some skills in the pool and go show off in the lake! After the weekend you are a certified diver! Its easy to dive when you know how!

Learning to dive is: Easy * Fun * SAFE * Quick It will build your confidence and your accomplishments.

Your first step - Become an open water diver