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With the Scuba School's four-step training and certification process, it's fast, easy and safe to get up to speed and under the waves. Remember - we supply everything you need. No need to buy equipment until AFTER class. Our accelerated weekend program is not for everyone. 95% of our students accomplish this in one weekend. However, we do not want to push you harder than your ability to absorb. So any student that wants more time in the pool or lake is welcome to come back with us another time to finish.

Step 1: Education

Classes start with education - either pick up your package in the store, or have it delivered to your home or register for on line learning at Second, you study these materials on your own in preparation for hands-on training in a group class session.

Step 2: Personal Review

Next you join us for an in-person review and lesson, covering all the materials in your training documentation and providing an overview of all equipment and operations. This ensures your knowledge of the academics of diving.

Step 3: Pool Time

The next step is taking those skills to the pool, where you’ll learn all the basics, how-tos and processes of a dive, and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may still have about scuba. We practice "What to do if this happens" scenarios.

Step 4: Lake Time

After the class and pool sessions, it’s off to the lake to get some real, open-water experience. Here you’ll prove your knowledge, and show us that you’ve retained everything learned in the previous sessions and are ready to be a full-fledged diver. Upon successful skills testing and application in the lake, you’ll be certified as a diver and ready for more advanced aquatic adventures.

Get started with us today. Call 877-272-8221, email us at or stop by and see us at the shop in Morrilton and ask for more information on certification classes.

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