Scubility Program

To assist those with physical disabilities to enjoy the underwater environment

The SDI Scubility Diver Program is designed to give physically disabled divers the necessary skills and techniques used to conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of a SDI Scubility Instructor. However, some SDI Scubility divers require supervision of a qualified SDI Dive Buddy.

The SDI Scubility Diver Program takes a closer look at the techniques and equipment adjustments to meet a disabled divers needs allowing individuals to dive with safe diving practices.

Disabilities include but are not limited to: PTSD, Amputees, Quadriplegics, Paraplegics, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Blindess.

Most of these courses are covered by grants. Contact us for more information and to determine if you qualify for one of these programs either through the VA or

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